The LARCO team has a great experience in the realization of digital prototypes useful for the management and maintenance of the building. The BIM FM implementation is a fundamental step to improve overall managing phase efficiency. This is particularly relevant if we consider that the cost curve reaches the highest thresholds during the operation phase of the building.


LARCO’s CDE Managers are able to provide the most advanced common data environment to host the client project. LARCO’s CDE is able to garant all stakeholders a work environment with strict rules and capable to maintain order and a safe and straightforward workflow. LARCO’s CDE is highly interoperable with the most common BIM analysis software.


LARCO’s BIM team can deliver a fully functional “digital twin” of the building. The digital twin allows asset or facility managers to read data, analyze the uses of the property and cross-reference information derived from IoT sensors. LARCO’s digital twin can be used to manage all relevant aspects regarding the whole building life cycle allowing a complete knowledge of the owner’s assets.


Our BIM managers can support you during the drafting of documentation for BIM tenders. Our team has gained a long term experience regarding tender editing and knowledge of international BIM standards and regulation. Our drafting services include: Technical Offers, Information Management Plan, BIM Specifications, BEP, EIR and Master Information Delivery Plan.


Our Bim managers, coordinators and CDE managers are fully capable of managing, updating and extrapolating asset data from all kinds of BIM models on behalf of the client. LARCO can provide the client with his IT infrastructure to maintain the model accessible online. We can define the BIM uses of the model and coordinate it between all the discipline and stakeholders.


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